Pontiac Solstice, Rear Roll Hoop


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wind deflector Performance:

  • No Wind. The Windblox Pontiac Solstice, Rear Roll Hoop wind deflector significantly reduces turbulence in the cockpit.
  • No Glare. wind deflector does not emit glare, preventing dangerous driving conditions.
  • No Noises. This wind deflector creates an audibly pleasant cockpit.


  • 30 day refund period on unit cost if not satisfied.
  • Free shipping back. If for some rare reason you are not satisfied with this windblocker, then we will pay the shipping back from US addresses for the product refund.
  • Lifetime Warranty: This wind deflector will outlast your car – guaranteed.


Lexan Upgrade: +$15

Examples of Lexan applications

This option is for 1/4 inch abrasion resistant Lexan material.This material is a virtually indestructible material suitable for high impact applications, such as bullet resistant windows, boat windshields, lightweight bicycle gear sprockets, etc. This is abrasion resistant lexan, with a 10 year manufacture’s warranty, and does not yellow with sun exposure. Paradoxically, lexan is actually a soft material, so this AR Polycarbonate is specially formulated lexan designed to resist minor scruffs, wear, and constant exposure to the elements. You will come to very much appreciate this abrasion lexan offered only by Windblox for years after your purchase.

Tints: Smoke or Bronze: +$10. Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Red: +$15

  • BMW Z3 windstop
    Clear: No tint for comparison
  • The tints are infused in the material – it is not an overlay material.
  • Optional smoke or bronze tints are available for +$10.
  • Optional colored tints (blue, orange, yellow, and red) are available for +$15, and may take up to an extra week for shipping.
  • Only the smoke tint is available with lexan.
  • The smoke tint condensed for photographic purposes. This tint is a hew of gray, more of a neutral color
  • Smoke tint in use +$10
  • Red tint in use +$15
  • Yellow tint in use +$15
  • The bronze tint condensed for photographic purposes. This tint is a hew of red
  • Bronze tint in use +$10
  • Blue tint in use +$15
  • Orange tint in use +$15

Glass Edge: +$15

Looks like glass. This option give the wind deflector edge the look of glass, of a dim green glow. This tint is visible when viewed from the edge, and not within the main body surface. Note: this option is available only with clear acrylic. It is not available with lexan or other tints.

Customized Engraving: +$35


Three Top Questions
1) Can you leave the wind deflector in place while raising and lowering the top?
Yes, you can. Many customers simply leave the wind deflector mounted on their car most of the year.

2) What is the difference between the rear-roll hoop and the front-roll hoop windblockers? Which one should I get?
Unless you have a specific reason, go for the rear roll-hoop version. It’s easy to mount. Consider the front roll-hoop windblocker if this version is too tight for your trunk lid to shut.

3) How does this wind deflector mount?
This wind deflector fits upon the four screw points, upon the rear side of the roll hoops, and then tightens down.

4) Does the wind deflector rub against the seal?
No, spacer tabs are provided, which prevents any sort of abrasion between the two surfaces.

5) Could the wind deflector cause wear against the defroster wires?
There is no contact against the defroster wires; hence, there is no wear.

6) How thick is this windblocker?
The wind deflector is 1/8 inch thick. Any thicker, and it’d be too tight to close the trunk lid. Any thinner, and it’d be too flimsy.

7) Is this difficult to install?
Definitely not. Elementary age children install these wind deflectors.

8) What is the difference between acrylic and lexan?
Acrylic is about 18x stronger than glass; Lexan is about 61x stronger.

9) Could the windblocker induce any sort of wear?
Never. Since the wind deflector is secure in place, there is no movement between the wind deflector and the car, so there is no wear.

10) Doesn’t acrylic or lexan yellow in sunlight?
Some manufactures with less quality might, but not Windblox.

11) How long does this wind deflector last?
With regular care and handling, your wind deflector will last the lifetime of your car.

12) Is the tint an overlay film?
No, the tint is infused in the material, which resists scratches and abrasions.

13) Should I get a tint?
Tinting is a color preference, so it really depends your individual taste; however, the smoke tint is our favorite, and what we use.

14) Does the tint inhibit rear view vision?
No – it’s like looking through sunglasses.

15) Does the wind deflector cause glare at night?
No. First, the wind deflector is made of a specialty glare resistant material. Second, the wind deflector mounts at a slight angle, to further cut glare.

16) Does the wind deflector require any drilling to mount?
No! We’d never put holes in your car.


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