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wind deflector Performance:

  • No Wind. The Windblox Jaguar XK8 Large wind deflector significantly reduces turbulence in the cockpit.
  • No Glare. wind deflector does not emit glare, preventing dangerous driving conditions.
  • No Noises. This wind deflector creates an audibly pleasant cockpit.


  • 30 day refund period on unit cost if not satisfied.
  • Free shipping back. If for some rare reason you are not satisfied with this windblocker, then we will pay the shipping back from US addresses for the product refund.
  • Lifetime Warranty: This wind deflector will outlast your car – guaranteed.


Lexan Upgrade: +$15

Examples of Lexan applications

This option is for 1/4 inch abrasion resistant Lexan material.This material is a virtually indestructible material suitable for high impact applications, such as bullet resistant windows, boat windshields, lightweight bicycle gear sprockets, etc. This is abrasion resistant lexan, with a 10 year manufacture’s warranty, and does not yellow with sun exposure. Paradoxically, lexan is actually a soft material, so this AR Polycarbonate is specially formulated lexan designed to resist minor scruffs, wear, and constant exposure to the elements. You will come to very much appreciate this abrasion lexan offered only by Windblox for years after your purchase.

Invisible Straps: +$10

(Contrasting against the standard nylon webbing)

  • Optional clear straps makes your windblocker look invisible.
  • All straps are 5/8 inches wide. Standard straps are black, (The black nylon straps are already included in the base cost.) of nylon webbing. The invisible straps of clear vinyl.
  • The clear vinyl is tough and pliable, will not weaken or become brittle or yellow with age. This is the same material used on garden sheds, boat windows, and other abusive-prone environments.
  • Strong material. Each straps by itself is rated to carry the pressure of the windblocker, so having multiple straps is over-engineering.

Tints: Smoke or Bronze: +$10. Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Red: +$15

  • BMW Z3 windstop
    Clear: No tint for comparison
  • The tints are infused in the material – it is not an overlay material.
  • Optional smoke or bronze tints are available for +$10.
  • Optional colored tints (blue, orange, yellow, and red) are available for +$15, and may take up to an extra week for shipping.
  • Only the smoke tint is available with lexan.
  • The smoke tint condensed for photographic purposes. This tint is a hew of gray, more of a neutral color
  • Smoke tint in use +$10
  • Red tint in use +$15
  • Yellow tint in use +$15
  • The bronze tint condensed for photographic purposes. This tint is a hew of red
  • Bronze tint in use +$10
  • Blue tint in use +$15
  • Orange tint in use +$15

Glass Edge: +$15

Looks like glass. This option give the wind deflector edge the look of glass, of a dim green glow. This tint is visible when viewed from the edge, and not within the main body surface. Note: this option is available only with clear acrylic. It is not available with lexan or other tints.

Rubber Edge:$40

Here is the rubber edge around the perimeter of a BMW Z3 wind deflector. A rubber bead protects against dropping and abrasion against your car, attached to the perimeter of the wind deflector.

Customized Engraving: +$35


Three Top Questions
1) Can you leave the wind deflector in place while raising and lowering the top?
Yes, you can. Many customers simply leave the wind deflector mounted on their car most of the year.

2) What color are the straps?
For the Jaguar XK8 Regular, the straps are gray. There’s also a $10 upgrade to clear straps.

3) Does the bottom of the wind deflector rub against the car?
No, the fastening lifts the wind deflector up off the bottom to eliminate bottom-side wear, and is cushioned against the car to preventing abrasion.

4) Will the wind deflector fit under the 2009+ hard top?
Yes, it will.

5) Is this difficult to install?
Definitely not. Elementary age children install these wind deflectors.

6) Could the wind deflector chatter when in use?
No, the fastening system holds the wind deflector very secure to the car. This wind deflector is tested to 150 MPH.

7) What is the difference between acrylic and lexan?
Acrylic is about 18x stronger than glass; Lexan is about 61x stronger

8) Doesn’t acrylic or lexan yellow in sunlight?
Some manufactures with less quality might, but not Windblox.

9) Could the windblocker induce any sort of wear?
Never. Since the wind deflector is secure in place, there is no movement between the wind deflector and the car, so there is no wear.

10) How long does this wind deflector last?
With regular care and handling, your wind deflector will last the lifetime of your car.

11) Is the tint an overlay film?
No, the tint is infused in the material, which resists scratches and abrasions.

12) Should I get a tint?
Tinting is a color preference, so it really depends your individual taste; however, the smoke tint is our favorite, and what we use.

13) Does the tint inhibit rear view vision?
No – it’s like looking through sunglasses.

14) Does the windstop cause glare at night?
No. First, the wind deflector is made of a specialty glare resistant material. Second, the wind deflector mounts at a slight angle, to further cut glare.

15) Does this wind deflector interfere with the boot cover?
No, it does not.


Five Top Advantages
1) Which is Which?
One of these wind deflectors is brand new; the other is eight years old. The old screen was borrowed from a first customer, sold back in November of 1999 for a BMW Z3. The used wind deflector has been in active use since. The customer estimate he drives top-down 140 days per year. He leaves the wind deflector in the car about ten months a year, taking it out and storing it during the raining months of December and January. Can you tell which wind deflector has a thousand days top-down use and 3000+ days mounted in the car, and which wind deflector is brand new?

2) Stronger Material
#1) This is a sheet of ordinary 1/4 inch (635 mm) acrylic. The deflection bottoms out, more than three inches (7.6 cm).; This is the windblocker material used by other vendors. #2) This is a sheet of 3/8 inch (953 mm) of polycarbonate acrylic. Despite being thicker than Windblox, this wind deflector still deflects 50% more; the deflection is just over 1.5 inches (3.8 cm). #3) Windblox’s material deflects less than 7/8 inch (2.2 cm) under the same weight.

3) Edging Cut The Right Way To Cut
#1) A customer traded in this particular windblocker, purchased from another vendor. This wind deflector was fabricated upon a shop table router. The cut and workmanship is inconsistent, with nicks and gouges. #2) This wind deflector was cut upon double sided AR Polycarbonate acrylic, using a CNC router. While the cut is smooth, machinery marks are prominent. #3) Windblox’s wind deflectors are cut using a five thousand watt laser, ensuring a crystal clear cut with a polished finish.

4) Resists Fractures
A customer experienced this fracturing with a wind deflector purchased from another vendor. From the continual movement and stresses, combined with inferior material, micro-stress cracks emerged. These cracks grew over time, until the wind deflector became unstable.

This picture is a close-up from of a slot from a customer’s Windblox BMW Z3 windstop, continually mounted on his car since November 2002. Since Windblox uses the best available material, it wears well over time, remaining crisp and clear. (Photo taken June 2009.)

5) 15 Years
Windblox wind deflectors are constructed from materials providing a 15 year scratch and mar resistant rating. Against daily and constant use, your wind deflector remains clear throughout its life.

6) Lifetime Warranty
Windblox is the only manufacture warranting against buffs and abrasions. Your wind deflector will be clear for the lifetime of your automobile.

7) No Squeaks or Rattles
Windblox windblockers are securely held in place, with no movement between the wind deflector and your car. This prevents annoying high pitch squeaks and rattles when driving with your wind deflector

8) Easy Installation
This wind deflector is most simple to install. A 12-year old niece of a staffer installs these wind deflectors in two minutes.

9) Does Not Induce Abrasion Against Your Car
Windblox windstop does not rub against your car, preventing ongoing abrasion and wear. This is a picture from a customer’s car. She purchased a wind deflector from a different vendor. After eight months continually mounted on her car, the poor fit caused accumulated wear against the roll hoops

10) Does Not Yellow from Sun Exposure
At one point, this wind deflector (from another vendor) was clear. This customer lives in Texas, and had this wind deflector mounted on his car for four years, before it became unusable. Windblox wind deflectors are guaranteed not to yellow from sun exposure.

11) Anti Wobble
No wobble. Windblox windblockers remain secure when in use. The wind deflector does not wobble or vibration when, even at high speeds.

12) Made For Speed
Windblox wind deflectors are rated for 150 MPH (250 KM/hr).

13) Utilitizes Green Processes
All cast-off material is recycled. Base material incorporates soybean based oils instead of all petroleum, increasing use of renewable materials.

14) Laser Fabrication
All Windblox wind deflectors are cut on a 5,000 watt laser (normal power for this process is 100 watts), providing exceptionally clear cuts.


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